Kurta Batik Nakhoda Hijau

A collection inspired by the sea landscape. This time round we came up with a batik collection based on the sea and the beach landscape.

Our last 2 motifs are called Nakhoda Hijau & Nakhoda Merah respectively.
Nakhodas are masters/captains or their own respective waters.
Hijau is the color green whereas Merah is the color red. This 'checkered' batik print mimics the flags onboard the ships/boats of the Nakhodas(Masters)
The patterns allows a showcase the cloth's texture. This emits a simple yet classy feel that's slightly different from the usual intricacies of the usual batik print.

  • Viscose Dobby Fabric
  • Block Printing
  • Each piece print is unique
  • Regular Fit
Size :
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