AR-021 Kids Baju Melayu Asas

Asas in malay language translates to basic. For this particular project, Thawb has offer a basic line of traditional ‘kurtas’ and ‘baju melayu’. Quality, simplicity and elegance has always been one of the few core factors in Thawb.
Project Asas emits a timeless look throughout all ages. Soft pastel colours compliment strong and bold design structure to make the garments suitable for any occasion. 


The last of the series in this line would be the traditional Baju Melayu with the Cekak Musang collar. Premium quality selection is the main focus on this with very minimal change to its structure. Without any changes to its design, the colour selection that this line are not the usual colours that you see on a traditional Baju Melayu.

Size :
Color :
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